“La Stanza” art gallery
The vernissage participants went into ecstasies admiring this art collection. Sixty eight works crowding the wide walls, allowing a precise art evaluation of this versatile painter in the large variety and vastness of themes (landscapes, human figures, nudes, nature and still-life, flowers, animals, objects, etc.) and in the different techniques used, everyone of the same value.


In addition to a poetic sensibility for  the naturalistic representation, for the human figure and the portrait, Marco Baldacci’s survey, long since,  pushes to the representation of contemporary social and existential reality, thus facing the most dramatic problems of the modern world.

He seems, beside aware witness of our time, a researcher of magical dreams and reality, always in perfect agreement between the visual and formal rigor, including the vibrations of the painting and graphics, and the sweetness of the light, living and communicating .


Marco Baldacci has its own international language, because he follows a bright, classical, par excellence figurative path, with evidence come from the tradition of Florence, the cradle of art, where he artistically grew up

After flattering and numerous awards, other achievements will come, because he is a tireless worker who “ makes the arm dancing following  the mind enlightened by the constant sparkling of the Muses”


An artist who has been awarded the diploma of Honoris Causa Master of Arts and gold medal.

The foundation among poets, writers, painters and journalists for peace in the world, has awarded a medal with a diploma of Master of Arts Honoris Causa, the painter Marco Baldacci.
A perfect fusion of design and color, a perfected technique, definitively wished, a scale of violent or delicate shades always color-clear and safe.

Sandro Marini

His is a painting, which immediately wins thanks to a clear readable language which creates in the observer a mediation need, the need for participation


The art of Marco Baldacci reveals capacity of expression and representation of great interest while maintaining the dictation of nature.


Marco Baldacci’s language highlights and reveals a conscious interpretation of reality constantly renewed in the motivations coming from the everyday life, identified in a narrative present, based on evocative images


In the fairy painting of Marco Baldacci the undeniable burden of truth and history.

Long since at the summit of a career, the one of the artist, who has not, however, limits, Baldacci never ceases to amaze us with his versatility with which creates and destroys the forms mysterious, inhuman, in appearances, nature and which has at the same time human contents.