Marco Baldacci was born in Bolzano on 7th December 1941, he lives in Abano Terme, in the province of Padua with a studio in via Nazioni Unite, 9.

He attended regular school at a Technical Institute in Pistoia, and at the same time, academic courses in Florence. A constant artistic practice under his belt, therefore, from a young age.

He participated with his own works in official reviews, an activity he was particularly regular at, with ever more compelling production, from the 1960’s on. An epoch in which critics and newspapers were interested in his work with frequent invitations to participate in national and international shows. He has been invested with various academic titles.

We remember the Art Teaching Diploma «Honoris Causa» from the Foundation of poets, writers, painters and journalists for peace in the world (Rome), «Dio Pan» honour from Florence; honorary life-member of the «Giulio Rodinò» Artistic and cultural Centre. And also honorary member of various academies. In more than 40 years activity he has taken part in about two hundreds national and international competitions and collective exhibitions: Principality of Monaco, France, Germany, Switzerland, New York, obtaining several prizes.

His works are in public and private collections in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Belgium, England, Holland, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Moldavia, Yugoslavia, India, Libya, Brazil, Argentina, and U.S.A.

He has a wide bibliography in national catalogues and specialized magazines and about three hundreds reviews in papers and periodicals.